Have a nice not-fall

Clive Pai

Clive Pai, professor of physical therapy, conducts research on older adults to prevent falls.


“They don’t have to be motivated — they’re naturally motivated because they don’t want to be on the floor.”

Clive Pai, professor of physical therapy, on the older adult subjects in his research to prevent falls, Aug. 28 Washington Post


“The real takeaway from history is that a healthy school lunch depends a lot less on what individual choices kids make or the particular foods in front of them, and is really about the social and political decisions we make about how we want to feed our kids and how we want to pay for it.”

Susan Levine, professor of history and director of the Institute for the Humanities, on the history of American school lunches, Aug. 18 Bon Appetit


“I knew, over the course of a lifetime, it would be a net gain.”

MBA grad Joseph Sheahan, co-founder and CEO of Savvo Digital Sommelier Solutions, on the value of an MBA, Sept. 9 Chicago Tribune Blue Sky


“I’m not sure people want selfies to be very sophisticated to start with. There’s something to be said about having selfies be kind of the modern-day version of the Polaroid — instant, but it has its own look and had its own style.”

Steve Jones, professor of communication, on new smartphones and apps designed to take better self-portraits, Sept. 5 San Francisco Chronicle


“The whole criminal justice system in our society is always struggling to balance between wanting more safety and wanting more liberty and privacy.”

Dennis Rosenbaum, professor of criminology, law and justice, on whether police should wear body cameras while on duty, Aug. 26 WTTW-TV “Chicago Tonight


“His real hope is to gain the sort of independent voter that lives in Chicago or Cook County. Hardcore Democratic machine voters are not going to be swung to Rauner, I don’t think, by anything that he’s doing.”

Dick Simpson, professor of political science, on gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner’s chances with Chicago voters, Aug. 26 NBC5 Chicago

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