Find your niche at UIC

If you are trying to find your niche at UIC, good news – you have options.

Amongst the free hot chocolate, trendy music and crowd of students, the UIC Winter Involvement Fair, hosted by the Center for Student Involvement Jan. 18 and 19, featured more than 180 student organizations — from religious groups and professional organizations to Greek life and cultural organizations.

Sarah Quick, a sophomore and member of Phi Sigma Sigma, describes her sorority using three words: philanthropy, service and social. The female leaders focus on volunteer work and empowering women, meeting for chapter once a week.

“Being in a sorority at UIC strays away from the stigma that follows most sororities — here we are chill and work on growing together,” she said.

Senior Maurice “Mo” Kendall found a sense of belonging on campus through the religious group Melchizedek.

“I had a hard time fitting in at first,” he said. He said the group keeps him involved on and off campus through volunteering, making friends and finding support through Bible study.

UIC also has plenty of multicultural groups that dig a little deeper into one’s ethic background.

Sophomore Lici Rivera has been a part of the Union for Puerto Rican Students since freshman year. Being a part of this group, she has been able to connect with other students of the same background and learn more about her Puerto Rican heritage.
Vance Pierce, associate director of student organization resources in the UIC Center for Student Involvement, said the Involvement Fair is a way for students to pave their own path at UIC.

“It’s a chance to make your connection at UIC, and to help make this campus what you’re expecting of it. Look for these opportunities to make UIC what you want,” Pierce said.

A sense of community can be found among the multitude of organizations UIC has to offer. Join an organization, make new friends, and embrace the city of Chicago as a college student.

Find out more about UIC student organizations.

­— Farooq Chaudhry contributed to this report

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