Fitness machine a ‘jungle gym for adults’

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Up to 10 people can use the Synrgy 360. Photo: Britney Musial/UIC News

How many days a week do you work out? Do you spend at least an hour during each session working on your core, endurance or strength?

New equipment on campus can help students spend that hour working out efficiently and have fun while they’re at it.

The Sport and Fitness Center on the west side of campus recently unveiled its latest equipment, the Synrgy 360 circuit training machine.

“It’s like a jungle gym for adults,” said Lynne Thompson, associate director of programs and services in Campus Recreation.

“Anyone can start out on this and work their way up. It’s cutting edge and extremely fun and energetic.”

The structure itself is massive.

As many as 10 people can use it at the same time, which makes it the perfect opportunity to grab some friends to work out with and makes it easier for teams to train together.

“The Synrgy 360 caught my eye,” said Samreen Vora, a clinical/attending instructor in emergency medicine, who attended the open house.

“I’ve always meant to get a push to begin working out and I think this is a great place to start out.”

The machine changes up the usual workout process, said Amy Jandek, coordinator of the Human Performance Lab in Campus Recreation.

“It brings a new flair to any workout and it’s a perfect way to keep being on the move,” Jandek said. “You can find a new thing to do every day for at least one whole year. It’s very interactive.”

Jessica Canlas, associate director of communications in the College of Pharmacy, was impressed with the equipment.

“There’s definitely a multitude of options and versatility,” she said.

“I’ve never done anything entirely like this.”

The Sport and Fitness Center also has two newly renovated private rooms for massage therapy.

“We’ve got some plans to keep adding to this area,” said Mark Glazier, associate director of the Sport and Fitness Center. “We’re going to get some bikes down here, some mats. We’ve got a lot to work with.”

The open house Sept. 25 was a great opportunity for students and employees to check out the new equipment updated space, said Brian Cousins, director of Campus Recreation.

“We are confident the students and other Campus Recreation members will enjoy and appreciate the new addition to our facilities, programs and services,” he said.

Registered UIC students who pay student fees have access to all Campus Recreation facilities. Memberships for faculty and staff are $27.50 per month.

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