Flames Homecoming

Homecoming scheduleHomecoming is here, it’s real and it’s totally amazing. In my three years with SAB, I’ve always asked or have been asked why we don’t have a homecoming; almost as if UIC did not have the students’ validity as a real university until one was created. It’s not like UIC is a university that has never had a homecoming; we have had one that slowly faded away in the past. Well, great news: the good folks of the award-winning Student Activities Board have finally re-created a homecoming for the students, faculty, staff and alumni of the university. We’ve worked long and hard with various departments to develop the weeklong celebration entitled “Flames Homecoming.”

Flames Homecoming, initially created by Jackie Roja’s “Wala Wala Wacking Weasels” of SAB, is created with the aspirations of expanding the college life outside of the classroom for current students and an open invitation to alumni to return home. Flames Homecoming will grow to become as renowned as any other university’s homecoming with the support of its students and a comparative advantage of being located in the city of Chicago. The thought process behind the igniting of Flames Homecoming was to be as unconventional as possible. Similar to how UIC is not the same as any other university in a college town, Flames Homecoming will stand out in a way that combines traditionalism of homecoming with the innovation that the Student Activities Board has become known for on campus and across the Midwest.

During SAB’s Flames Homecoming, students will have the opportunity to do charitable work, see the fraternities and sororities of UIC in a variety show (which includes strolling, singing and much more), and even attend a glow in the dark casino/tailgate before the men’s basketball game Feb. 19. Flames Homecoming will culminate with an elegant dance that allows us to truly return home at the AON Grand Ballroom of Navy Pier.

The creation of this celebration is a testament of what happens when students vocalize their thoughts and develop a strong plan behind it. I encourage colleges, departments, and student organizations to participate by informing your peers, decorating your offices and hallways and attending as many events as possible.

I am truly proud of Jackie and the rest of the Student Activities Board.

What a time to be a Flame.

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Twitter and Instagram: @UIC_SAB

And be sure to use the hashtag #UICHoCo


Christian GrayChristian Gray is a senior majoring in marketing with a focus in promotion and communications and a minor in economics. He is president of the Student Activities Board. When he’s not planning events or doing schoolwork, you’ll catch him watching something sports related (#KOBE) or vibing out to music. His career goal growing up was to be Batman. He won’t tell you if he was successful on that mission, but let’s be real ­– have you ever seen him and Batman in the same place before?

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