Almost famous

“No one knew that George Lucas was going to be that famous.”

Jason Leigh, director of the Electronic Visualization Laboratory, on the EVL’s involvement in making the computer graphics special effects for the 1977 “Star Wars” movie, May 23 WTTW-TV “Chicago Tonight


“It’s much more of a communal effort — going back to your parish and doing good works on the ground for the local community, not an individual crying in front of the camera saying I want to be forgiven for my sins.”

Kevin Schultz, associate professor of history and Catholic studies, on why Anthony Weiner may not find the same forgiveness from New York voters that Mark Sanford did in South Carolina, May 24 National Journal


“I am baffled by this strategy, which is really an experiment, with no educational research to support it. We know every time you move a child from one school to another it has a destabilizing effect on their education.”

Pauline Lipman, professor of educational policy studies, on her research which found that school closings often have negative effects on students, particularly black children, May 23 Time

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