Free training sessions for new AEDs in campus buildings


Automated external defibrillators (AEDs), equipment that can save victims of cardiac arrest, are now available in every building on campus, and employees and students can learn to use them during free training sessions through December.

The initiative, which is sponsored by the Office of Administrative Services, brought 75 new AEDs to campus buildings. The Environmental Health and Safety Office (EHSO) installed the equipment and will lead campus maintenance efforts for the machines. EHSO and Campus Recreation will also host training sessions to teach participants how to do CPR, use AEDs, and address choking, breathing irregularities and cardiac problems in emergency situations with adult victims. Participants who complete an EHSO course will receive an American Heart Association certification in CPR/AED, which is valid for two years. The Campus Recreation course will result in an American Red Cross Adult CPR/AED Certification, also valid for two years.

“It’s a worthwhile investment if one life can be saved,” said Heather Jackson, director of OEHS. She added that knowledge of both CPR and AED use is important.

“Just using one alone is not as effective as if they are coupled.”

Since last December, two people have been saved on campus thanks to UIC community members who had CPR/AED training.

OEHS hopes to train 516 people by Dec. 18, the last free training session open to employees. Campus Recreation hopes to train at least 50 people every month and will hold six to 10 training classes a month through December.

Campus officials hope to get more AEDs on campus, too, especially in larger buildings.

“We want to be able to have access to an AED within three minutes,” said Mark Gaunky, assistant director of Fire and Life Safety.

Donations for AEDs are welcome, and departments or colleges are encouraged to purchase more. Donors, departments and colleges should contact Gaunky at for information.

Training class registration is required.

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