Freshmen unpack for a new life

Videography by S K Vemmer


Kyle Vizcayno was among 1,100 freshmen moving into UIC residence halls Aug. 21, and like many of them, he brought along an optimistic attitude about his first year of college.

“I’m expecting to meet a lot of new people and enjoy my new surroundings,” said the Vernon Hills native as he carried boxes to his new home in the Courtyard residence hall on the east side of campus.

His mother, Chris, unpacked his new MacBook and a crucial supply of ramen noodles.

“I want him to have fun while he’s in college, but work hard too,” she said.

Volunteers from sports teams, Campus Housing staff and various campus organizations helped students and their families check in, get keys and wheel carts full of belongings down the street and into the elevators.

More than 1,250 freshmen are living in campus residence halls this year, said housing director Susan Teggatz.

“UIC data shows that freshmen who start their college career living on campus are almost twice as likely to graduate in four years as those who commute,” Teggatz said.

Freshman Victoria Gonzalez moved into Commons West last week not knowing what to expect.

“I like downtown. I definitely want to be able to explore,” the Chicago native said.

Moving from Vernon Hills to the Near West Side will be “a little bit of a change,” said economics major John Marcucci, but he looks forward to getting involved in intramural flag football.

His father, John, a former UIC student, said he enjoyed his time on campus.

And for his son?

“I’d like to see him gain some independence and get a good start on his future,” he said.

Space is still available in campus residence halls. For more information, contact Campus Housing online or call 312-355-6300.


Below (L-R): Lon Kaufman, provost and vice chancellor for academic affairs, hands out water at Move-In Day; parents load up hand-carts for the move from Harrison Field across the street to residence halls. Photos: Roberta Dupuis-Devlin/UIC Photo Services; S.K. Vemmer/UIC News (click on images for larger file size)


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