Quotable: too much focus?


Psychology professor Jennifer Wiley. Photo: UIC Photo Services

“Some of the things (Gene) Roddenberry envisioned — the communicator, tablets and earpiece — I don’t think there was a proof of concept in the 1960s that they could be built. Either he had an amazing imagination or someone on the staff had unbelievable vision.”

Physics professor Dirk Morr on the feasibility of the science used in the “Star Trek” TV series and films, April 7 Chicago Tribune


“There are some tasks that we seem to do better on if we aren’t too focused on a solution. Too much focus can cause us to miss small or remote ideas.”

Psychology professor Jennifer Wiley, whose study found drinking alcohol may provide a beneficial boost to creative problem-solving, on freelancers using bars as office space, April 6 New York Post


“The notion that the kid in Arkansas doesn’t need the same skills as some kid in New York doesn’t make much sense.”

Timothy Shanahan, professor emeritus of curriculum and instruction, on the debate over national Common Core educational standards, April 5 Naplesnews.com


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