Gallery 400 provides blank canvas for learning

woman looking at a painting in "Here, There, Everywhere"

Visitors view work at the opening reception for “Here, There, Everywhere” at Gallery 400.


By Bernie Williams

The UIC College of Architecture, Design and the Arts is home to one of the most exquisite contemporary art galleries in the city.

Gallery 400, located on the first floor of Art and Design Hall at 400 S. Peoria St., provides a notable environment for examining artists’ experiences and creations, as well as learning about various cultures — past and present. In a unique and visually stimulating way, the gallery adds to the diverse atmosphere of the university.

It’s important for UIC to have such a nontraditional learning environment. For most students and visitors, the gallery serves as a creative way to gain knowledge outside the classroom. It’s remarkable that by walking a few blocks north from east campus, students can step into a realm of educational and informative artistry.

The diversity of exhibitions at Gallery 400 makes the experience so memorable. From events that shine light on current societal issues to film screenings on the experiences of people from all over the world, the range of topics the gallery’s featured artists cover is endless. There’s always something for visitors to connect with and remember long after leaving Gallery 400.

The gallery shows how beneficial art can be in everyday life. The team that keeps the gallery running works hard to preserve and illuminate the essence of art. It’s a universal way of gaining a sense of community and understanding, which is why Gallery 400 is so important to the UIC journey.

There’s a feature on the gallery’s website called “Stories from the Inside.” Written by students and staff of the College of Architecture, Design, and the Arts, it’s composed of interviews with renowned artists, features on exhibits and news in the art and design world. These stories are a great way to get the inside scoop on Gallery 400 from peers.

Gallery 400 provides many ways for students to interact, with a presence on Twitter and Facebook. They also offer internships for students interested in gaining experience in the art industry.


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