Garbage rocks at Riviera

Garbage (band)

Garbage revisited their debut album during two shows at the Riviera Theatre.

By Johnson Luo

Alternative rock band Garbage made a nostalgic revisit to their 20-year-old debut album and other 1990s songs at the Riviera Theatre Oct. 17-18.

Tickets were sold out for both shows and there were no empty seats. The entire theater was pumped full of music and welcoming enthusiasm.

Garbage is labeled an alternative rock band but their music lands on the heavy metal side of alternative rock. The tough 4/4 beats, half-steps and exaggerated distortion on guitars are telltale signs.

With the flashy lighting and firm mezzo-soprano voice, the band was able to create an industrial sound in its performance.

The instrument setup was decent. Feedback did happen every once in a while but the audience didn’t seem to mind. The acoustics were good; sound was even and well distributed so people in the back rows could have the same experience as the people in front.

The concert was very enjoyable. Much of the audience had a lot of sentimental attachment to the band as they started listening to their music in the ’90s.

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