Getting in the game

Curtis Granderson high-fives a participant at his baseball camp

Curtis Granderson at a baseball camp sponsored this summer at UIC by his GrandKids Foundation. Photo: Joshua Clark/UIC Photo Services

“You have to make some major changes if you’re serious about really getting more African-Americans into the game and staying in the game.”

Curtis Granderson, UIC graduate and New York Mets player, on the dialogue on race resulting from the success of a Chicago South Side team playing in the Little League World Series, Aug. 14 New York Times


“Rahm’s arrogant my-way-or-the-highway approach isn’t helping him.”

Political science professor Dick Simpson on recent polls that show public support is dropping for Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Aug. 14 Christian Science Monitor


“Patients often delay seeking medical attention because they don’t know when to contact their doctor. So we made sure our intervention includes education to recognize when they’re getting worse, information about whom to contact when that happens, and access to support groups where they can get additional advice.”

Jerry Krishnan, professor of pulmonary care and associate vice president for population health sciences, on research funded by the Affordable Care Act that seeks to improve health care delivery, Aug. 10 Chicago Tribune


“For people who have taken a life, to be with someone who is passing away really puts that perspective on exactly what they did and how that victim’s death affected that victim’s family.”

Edgar Barens, media specialist in the Jane Addams College of Social Work whose documentary, “Prison Terminal: The Last Days of Private Jack Hall,” was nominated for an Academy Award, on prison hospice, Aug. 10 Chicago Tribune

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