In the news: Granderson’s stadium

Curtis Granderson outside entrance to new stadium

New York Mets outfielder and UIC business grad Curtis Granderson outside the baseball facility he helped fund. Granderson talked with the New York Post about his motivations to encourage baseball for Chicago kids.


“You’ve got to help the community, because the school is located in the city. I still live in the community.”

Curtis Granderson, 2003 UIC business grad and New York Mets outfielder, on why he donated $5 million to UIC for a stadium for Flames and Chicago youth baseball, Oct. 23 New York Post




“Buses will be a major part of any long-overdue rapid transit expansion that happens in Chicago over the next several years. Let’s get moving.”

 Steve Schlickman, executive director of the Urban Transportation Center, in a letter to the editor advocating investment in faster Chicago bus transit service, Oct. 26 Chicago Tribune



“Many youth exiting from foster care are unprepared to navigate service systems as they struggle with basic needs like stable housing and keeping a job. With this instability, mental health needs are likely to go untreated.”

Sonya Leathers, associate professor of social work, on the mental health needs of teens leaving foster care, Oct. 22 Reuters Health


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