Students: how to get involved on campus

A crowd of UIC students on campusBy Michael Queroz 

The Undergraduate Student Government (USG) actively serves as the voice for the undergraduate class.

Here’s the latest news from USG:

Membership opportunities 

Looking for a leadership position on campus? Start by running for office in this year’s USG student elections. Members represent the undergraduate class by being advocates for change and improvement through formal communications with university administration and Illinois elected officials.

Positions available include president, vice president, and assembly member. To receive more information, visit the Dean of Students website.

Want to be a member now? USG is accepting spring 2014 interim assembly member applications. Application deadline is Feb. 28. For more information, visit the USG website and click on the “Documents” section.


News from USG president Abhinav Reddy

We are seeing a lot of changes in leadership on our campus. We are looking for a new chancellor to start at UIC by Jan. 2015. We are also searching for a new president of the U of I system, who should be in office by June 2015.

There are also some changes coming through the Senate Committee on Educational Policy. Two new majors will be created: bachelor’s in public policy and bachelor’s in human development and learning.


News from USG vice president Mateo Uribe

I will be hosting two USG Commuter Student Town Hall  meetings today from 11 a.m. to noon and noon to 1 p.m. at the Commuter Student Resource Center. The event includes free food provided for the participants. Administrators were invited to come to a session to hear what the students have to say.


Current projects

We are currently working on the Oxfam Hunger Banquet. At this event, participants will find out what it really feels like to be hungry and about the hunger problems some students and the larger community face.

At the beginning of the event, participants will take a ticket and depending on what your ticket says, they could be eating a small meal or a three-course deluxe meal. More details coming soon.

We are beginning to plan RECESS in conjunction with the Student Activities Board. RECESS is an annual UIC tradition where fun events are held in the Lecture Center Plaza. This year’s event will be in April.

For more information on USG, visit us on Facebook or our website. Follow USG on Twitter at
@UICUSG and email USG at 

Mike Queroz is chair of the USG Communications & Recruitment Committee. Reach him at 

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