Healthy women needed for research study on recreational drug use

Healthy women taking hormonal birth control are needed for a research study at Human Addiction Psychopharmacology (HAPPY) Lab at the University of Illinois at Chicago. This study examines the effects of commonly used psychoactive drugs on mood and behavior. Participants will be compensated based on level of study participation.

Study Involves:
-1-hr study enrollment/orientation session
-Five 4-hr lab sessions
-30-60 min. debriefing session

Eligibility Requirements
-18-40 years old
-On hormonal birth control
-Current or previous use of recreational drugs such as alcohol, nicotine, amphetamine, cocaine, LSD, ecstasy, etc.

To participate, please complete our confidential pre-screening questionnaire:

Human Addiction Psychopharmacology Lab
Psychiatric Institute
University of Illinois at Chicago
1601 W. Taylor St, Suite 318
Chicago IL 60612

PI: Dr. Emma Childs
Protocol: Protocol #2014-1060
Expiration Date: Jan 6, 2018



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