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Did you see Squirrelly at the Daley Library Friday?

While sitting at the computer debating what I should write for my next blog, I saw something at the corner of my eye. I ignored it, thinking that it was just something in my eye. Then about 10 minutes later, the same thing happened but this time I saw a furry tail. So I began walking toward the books to see if I really saw what I saw.

To my surprise, a squirrel was walking up and down the aisles of books as if he were looking for one. Another student also saw him and was trying to get a picture. I managed to get one myself but it took a few attempts. They are pretty fast.

Now I can officially say that I have seen everything on campus. The library has always been a cozy place to be but we aren’t the only ones who feel that way. If you were on the fourth floor of the library Friday, then you probably got a chance to see our new friend. If you happen to see him, don’t be alarmed. They are more afraid of you. Make sure you don’t feed him because that can cause him to stay. I’m sure he’s looking for his way out but they say that a squirrel’s brain is only about the size of a walnut.

I call him “Squirrelly.” That’s a mixture between squirrel and library, but squirrelly actually means unpredictable so he really fits his name, which is really ironic. I think he’s looking for some books.


Matthew MaggitMatthew Maggit is a sophomore in accounting in the College of Business Administration. Matthew decided to come to UIC because of the business program’s reputation and because he wanted to study at a campus with a diverse atmosphere. He likes how close the campus is to downtown Chicago and the Willis Tower. In his free time, he loves to surround myself with loved ones, and he enjoys sports and going to the gym. 

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