Hit or miss product design

Divvy bike station

The roll-out of Divvy bikes in Chicago is an example of design in everyday life, says emeritus professor Victor Margolin.

“Rolling out red light cameras, the rollout of Divvy and Ventra are three examples in Chicago that were hit or miss depending on how well the designers thought about how their products fit into everyday behavior.”

Victor Margolin, professor emeritus of art history, on the role of design in innovation, March 23 Chicago Tribune



“You know, it’s all over the place.”

John Betancur, associate professor of urban planning and policy, on real estate developers renaming city neighborhoods, March 17 NextCity.org



“It certainly wouldn’t be in the textbooks about how to do capital improvement planning. In fact, it would be the illustration about how not to do capital improvement planning.”

Michael Pagano, dean of the College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs, on New Mexico’s policy of allocating capital funds to individual lawmakers, March 22 KRWG Radio

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