How to personalize your cubicle

The cubicle is known to be the nondescript chamber of 9-to-5 workdom. After getting a cubicle at my internship, I soon felt bored by the plain two walls.

However, one day during my lunch hour I went out to the local gardening shop and bought myself potted flowers for my desk. Even $2 geraniums changed my perspective on working from my cubicle.  I am also inspired by my coworkers’ creativity, hence I discovered more ways one can personalize a cubicle:


blog cubicle 2Place something on your desk that requires care.

This can be flowers or hardy plants (or even a small goldfish), depending on your company’s leniency.

Having something that requires a little help growing gives you something else to look forward to at work. Not to mention, when you need a short break you can tend to your plant. When you feel the temptation to check your phone or log onto Facebook, admiring your cactus or turtle can help redirect your focus.




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Bring in mementos.

When you are tackling a task you are having a hard time with, small details can help brighten your mood and even work more efficiently. Mementos such as pictures, small crafts and figurines are the best, enough said.





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Make use of your cubicle walls (or cabinets).

My cubicle walls are fabric so I had to use fabric adhesive tape to put up decorations. Your cubicle and office setting may be different so always make sure to check in with your supervisor before bringing in anything or adhering to the wall.

Some examples of what you can put on your walls include family and friends photos, motivational quotes, small paintings or artworks and a calendar. You can also put cool magnets on your cabinets!





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Personalize your desktop. 

Most companies have default screensavers and backgrounds, but personalizing it may be a fun and simple option to keep you from feeling monotonous. I knew I couldn’t keep staring at helicopters forever, so I changed my Windows theme and screensaver (bubbles!).







Add a conversation starter.

While it is true that cubicles have a tendency to seclude people, it is very much possible to make your cubicle more welcoming and even a conversation starter. For example, many companies have some form of personality test. At my internship, everyone was invited to take the Gallup Strengths Finder Test, and we were encouraged to share our Top 5 strengths. Putting up your results can be a simple way to share with others outside your cubicle, and it is fun to compare results! Another idea is to put a witty comic strip under your name, and this can also be a way for people to associate your name plate to your personality.


Paulina RicoJuarez


Paulina Rico-Juarez is a third-year computer science major, minoring in business administration. On campus, she is involved in the Honors College, Her Campus, LABS and SIG-Android. A Chicago native, Paulina is fluent in Spanish and Chinese and has assisted a bridal designer in Beijing. In her spare time, Paulina loves to Bollywood dance, run an online shop and write her personal blog. 


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