I am UIC: Disagreement is OK

Last week in one of my classes, we were prompted to write blog posts in which we gave our opinion on a current issue. Topics ranged from the legalization of cannabis to gun control and the overcrowding of dogs in shelters to government military spending — topics we are often told to leave at the door before walking into work or sitting down for family dinner.

As a class, we were then asked to read and comment on each other’s blog posts — whether we agreed, disagreed or simply had suggestions for improvements.

The topics were controversial, and the thought of someone disagreeing with me, making me feel that my opinion made no sense or was just outright wrong, was quite nerve-wracking.

However, after nervously reading my classmates’ responses to my blog post, some of which were in disagreement, I actually found myself feeling quite relieved in the end.

Just like some people may agree with your views, others may not, and that’s just how the world works.

Not everyone sees and understands the world through your eyes, and learning how others see it through theirs is part of being the open-minded individuals we should always strive to be. It is very important that we don’t just close ourselves in a bubble, surrounded only by those who think like us. It is important to accept disagreement and know how to respectfully disagree with others.

Exercises like the one we did in class are a good way to work on that aspect of everyday life. Not only do they help us formulate strong opinions that we are able to support with data and real world evidence, but they are also opportunities to work on becoming more understanding individuals, critical thinkers and better decision-makers in our lives.


Michelle Garcia De La VegaMichelle García De La Vega is a senior double majoring in communications and Spanish. Among the things she loves doing most are drinking coffee and laughing. The moments she appreciates most in life involve family, friends, music, warm weather and experiential learning. Her goal is to travel someplace new every year and she aspires to one day be a conduit of news for her community.


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