I am UIC: Experience is the best teacher

empty officeAre you going to have an internship this summer? Where are you interning? Have you applied for any internships?

I know a lot of us have heard at least one of these questions — from counselors, professors, alumni, employers. Some of us are tired of hearing these questions, so we roll our eyes and walk away. But some of us might start panicking or get worried.

Students should not be nonchalant, nor should they be scared about the idea of internships. Instead, students need to understand the importance of attaining internships.

Internships are important because if a student chooses to intern at an organization that is relatable to the student’s major, minor or concentration in school, the student will not only have work experience, but he or she will also have a glimpse of their professional life after college.

Due to participating in internships, some students realized and assured themselves that their major was the right path for their professional lives. Whereas, some students realized and assured themselves that they will be miserable if they were to work with the degree from their current major; hence, they might decide to switch to another major.

Participating in internships adheres to the cliché quote, “experience is the best teacher.” If you never experienced working in the field of your major, how will you learn more about your major beyond the classroom premises? How can you try to reassure yourself that after four years of college you will love jobs that adhere to your major? Intern at an organization related to your field of study; thus, you have the opportunity to gain important experiences that will teach you more about your professional life after university.


Temitope OdedoyinTemitope Eddna Odedoyin is majoring in English and fully concentrating in media and professional writing. Apart from writing, she has have a passion for painting, and enjoys using watercolors, oil paint, acrylic, charcoal, oil pastel. She also has an interest in creative writing and short stories. She believes that art — through writing and painting — is a way of expressing one’s feelings.

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