I am UIC: Fear of failure


We don’t enroll in specific class because we think it will be too difficult and will most likely end up getting a terrible grade. We don’t apply to a job because we think to ourselves, “I’m not going to get it, I don’t have enough experience.” We don’t get up and sing karaoke at parties because we think we will only get made fun of.

Fear of failure sets us back not only from making major decisions in life, but also from some of the simplest ones, as well. We constantly fill our minds with negative thoughts, from everything that can go wrong to, “What will they say about me?” Instilling doubt in our minds and caring about whether others will have something negative to say about us only affects us. It prevents us from experiencing some of the most beautiful moments in our lives and forestalls us from taking important steps forward in our careers and personal growth.

By setting fear aside, we can accomplish many things, and I can say that for myself. I never thought that I would study abroad in Spain or that I would complete an internship in a field I had no previous experience in. I also never thought I would earn As in classes I believed were too difficult for me, but I did, and I absorbed so much valuable knowledge from them.

In life, what matters most is not failure. What truly matters is what we learn from our experiences, which is why in school, work or life in general, it is important that we do three things: challenge ourselves, take risks, and make mistakes. These are the things that not only grant us unforgettable experiences, but also shape us into better, stronger and wiser versions of ourselves.

Letting go of the fear of failure is the first step in progression.


Michelle Garcia De La VegaMichelle García De La Vega is a senior double majoring in communications and Spanish. Among the things she loves doing most are drinking coffee and laughing. The moments she appreciates most in life involve family, friends, music, warm weather and experiential learning. Her goal is to travel someplace new every year and she aspires to one day be a conduit of news for her community.

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