I am UIC: finals countdown

pile of 4 booksThe count down has started. I promise that finals will be over before you blink, although it might not seem like it now.

For some of us, finals week is not a time of stress. There are some mythical, magical beings among us who have wisely budgeted their time, built up a point buffer and are generally serene for one week.

In addition, there are the computer science students who spend their remaining time frantically typing out code and memorizing algorithms; the pre-health profession students who draw out lopsided hexagons and reaction mechanisms until they never want to hear the word electron again in their lives; the business students who smile and crunch numbers and go over presentations to ensure that their finals week goes as smoothly as their five-year career path; the econ students who draw out graphs and talk about supply and demand until they forget what the basic consumer behaviors are, and… well… I could go on and on.

What about the rest of us? I’m talking of the souls who desperately want nothing more than the week to end; I’m speaking of the dreamers who have deemed it holiday season and are currently more invested in learning about other people and being joyful than in learning another form of integration. We study a bit half-heartedly for finals, have empty discussions about stress and grades, and mainly just close our eyes and hope that the week will fly by. I’m not overly stressed for any one final, but I’m not without concern, either. I hope to relearn each subject well enough to demonstrate a decent understanding of the material, finish the paper and fill in the lab notebook that are due, and muster up the energy to be adequately prepared for finals. Nevertheless, what I have said previously stands. It’ll be over before we blink, so let’s sharpen our pencils, ready our calculators, and do our best.

Apoorva TummalaApoorva Tummala spends a large chunk of her time learning about biology, economics and life in general. She likes to think too much about everything and deeply believes that one day she will “own” a maltipoo and a German shepherd (they will be mutually loving relationships, not one-sided ownerships). You’re most likely to find her reading a book with a cup of tea in the evenings and going on adventures in the city during the day. She manages to fit research at the College of Medicine, work and studying somewhere in between these two favorite activities. During her time off, she likes to travel and immerse herself in different cultures and cuisines.

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