I am UIC: Gymnastics in the quad

On Feb.28, the weather was partly sunny with a high of 59 degrees. It triggered UIC students to begin fun activities in the quad, including rugby gymnastics.

The UIC men’s gymnastic team showed their skills on the pommel horse, entertained students by performing different awesome gymnastic moves. Students were thrilled with the gymnastic team performance and applauded after every gymnastic style.

Crystal Turner, a junior majoring in psychology, was excited to see UIC’s gymnastic team presentation.

“This is pretty entertaining, as they are good at summersaulting on the pommel horse,” she said.

The warm weather allowed students enjoy the outside breeze, as well as interact with other students. Students were reading, eating, chatting with their friends, listening to music or completing their homework.

Jason Ybarra, a senior majoring in kinesiology, was also excited about the warm weather and thought the outdoors could be a nice setting for some courses.

“If the weather is always like this, I would not mind taking classes outside,” he said. ” think there are some classes that should be taken outside, such as Movement Analysis. It would be perfect because there is a lot of room for activities.”

Temitope Odedoyin
Temitope Eddna Odedoyin is majoring in English and fully concentrating in media and professional writing. Apart from writing, she has have a passion for painting, and enjoys using watercolors, oil paint, acrylic, charcoal, oil pastel. She also has an interest in creative writing and short stories. She believes that art — through writing and painting — is a way of expressing one’s feelings.

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