I am UIC: Midterms, already?

open text book with pen and ruler

The semester seems to be in a hurry. Can you believe midterm exams started already?

The spring semester consists of 16 weeks, and midterms began during the eighth week. Midterms are tough, but UIC students are excited because they are halfway through the semester.

“I am happy, but at the same time anxious about how fast the semester is going,” said Eunice Kpatha, a junior majoring in political science. “I am anxious because I have a lot of work to still complete and I think this will hit me fast.”

Deborah Salami, a sophomore majoring in criminology, law and justice, agreed.

“When I realized it is already midterms, I was scared, but at the same time, I was happy that we are moving towards the end,” she said. “I want the semester to continuously move at this pace because I have a lot of projects ahead. I want to finish everything quickly and most importantly finish well.”

At this point in the semester, most student are counting down towards the end of the semester. However, it is not simply about completing the semester, but completing the school year as strong as you started.

Tips on how to finish successfully:

  • Do not become lazy
  • Have the mindset that you just started the semester
  • Begin to work ahead
  • Do not procrastinate
  • Continue to ask questions
  • Eat well, work hard and play hard

Temitope Odedoyin
Temitope Eddna Odedoyin is majoring in English and fully concentrating in media and professional writing. Apart from writing, she has have a passion for painting, and enjoys using watercolors, oil paint, acrylic, charcoal, oil pastel. She also has an interest in creative writing and short stories. She believes that art — through writing and painting — is a way of expressing one’s feelings.

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