I am UIC: Red Shoes Review celebrates annual publication release

How does one bring a literary and arts magazine to life? Red Shoes Review, UIC’s undergraduate literary and arts magazine, took on that very task at its annual publication release party April 20. Their answer: gather a bunch of artists and art lovers and let them come together on a single stage.

Passersby were able create their very own collective piece of art — an 8-foot-wide mural colored with their brushstrokes and fingerprints. Students also collected their free copy of this year’s publication, which includes a diverse selection of literary works, fine art and photography from across the undergraduate student body. If you weren’t able to get a copy, this year’s magazine can also be viewed on its website.

I have been working with Red Shoes Review since my freshman year. It was the first activity in which I was sure that I wanted to get involved and it has certainly been one of the most rewarding.

Throughout the year, we go from stressing over not having enough submissions to stressing over having too many submissions that we unfortunately have to cut. Despite the ups and downs, having the final product in my hands always makes me so proud, not just of all the effort our board puts into the magazine, but also of all the creativity that UIC harbors. I hope eventually Red Shoes Review will be known by everyone at UIC and be read by people outside of the university so that they too can see just how talented our students are.

If you’re interested in getting involved or submitting to the magazine, email uic.redshoes@gmail.com for more information and check out our Facebook page for updates.

Hoda Fakhari is a senior studying biochemistry and English with a concentration in media, rhetoric and cultural studies. She is interested in making connections between subject areas that appear uncomplimentary in order to arrive at more diverse and relevant ways of understanding people and society.

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