I am UIC: Reflections on the ‘State of UIC’ address

The State of UIC Address; Chancellor Michael Amiridis

Chancellor Michael Amiridis presents the “State of UIC” April 4 at the UIC Forum. Photo: Jenny Fontaine

As I am entering into my last months of college, I find myself searching for opportunities to learn more about the institution in which I have spent the majority of my hours for the last four years. It’s a strange desire to have, as people typically do the majority of research on a university before they enter it, but I want to make my final impression of UIC a complete and lasting one.

I have been attending more on-campus events and spending more time with my professors and peers this final semester than I ever have.

With this mindset, it was natural for me to attend my first-ever “State of UIC” address last week to learn about UIC from the words of those whose mission is to promote the university’s success.

On the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination, Chancellor Amiridis expressed how UIC promotes MLK’s spirit of inclusion through practice as opposed to mere talk. The university’s commitment to affordability and diversity have always been the features in which I take the most pride. Hearing of UIC students’ and faculty’s successes on a national and international scale, I see how this commitment is stronger than it’s ever been.

It’s slightly bittersweet to be leaving when I hear about how things are only getting better. The campus improvement projects and national recognition of UIC’s standings are sure to attract even more bright minds to the campus. I am just grateful for the opportunity to have learned and grown amidst some of them.

Hoda Fakhari is a senior studying biochemistry and English with a concentration in media, rhetoric and cultural studies. She is interested in making connections between subject areas that appear uncomplimentary in order to arrive at more diverse and relevant ways of understanding people and society.

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