Improve student engagement with VoiceThread

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VoiceThread is an interactive collaboration tool that facilitates asynchronous online discussions. Users are able to share images, documents, videos, and create narrated presentations. Participants may respond with audio, text or video.

How do I use VoiceThread?

Can I grade a VoiceThread?

When/why should I use VoiceThread?

  • VoiceThreads can be used as interactive asynchronous discussion boards. Simply upload your presentation with a question posed and watch the comments pour in! Alternatively, pose a discussion question and ask students to specifically comment in either audio, text or video. This is a great way to engage students asynchronously.

Is VoiceThread accessible?

  • Yes! Learn more here:
  • Automated closed captioning is now default in VoiceThread (takes a few minutes after submission to load)

Interested in learning how to use VoiceThread with groups? Schedule an appointment with an instructional designer from the Center for the Advancement of Teaching Excellence (CATE) here

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