Improvements to university website infrastructure

Dear UIC students, faculty and staff,

This email is a follow up to the ”upcoming improvements to university website infrastructure” communication that was sent Aug. 3, 2022.

Technology Solutions is pleased to announce that Red — the university’s multisite network built on WordPress — was successfully migrated to Pantheon’s cloud-based servers as of 3 p.m. Monday, Sept. 5.

Is there anything I need to know or do?

With a migration of this magnitude and the additional element of adopting a new technology, some issues have been reported with Red sites. Site admins and editors should review the following identified issues:

  1. Content on some Red websites is missing.
    • Some site owners have reported missing content after the migration. If this has happened to your site, Technology Solutions is able to restore the site to the state it was in as of noon Friday, Sept. 2. Red site restoration requests can be submitted online.
  1. Login-protected pages need to be re-enabled.
    • The migration brought a change in the authentication method for password-protected pages on Red websites, which requires a one-time adjustment to re-enable authentication for protected pages. Site admins can follow the instructions at “How do I re-enable a login page in my Red website?

During these next two weeks, Technology Solutions will be focusing efforts on finalizing the migration and restoring databases for sites with missing content. 

Starting Monday, Sept. 26, Technology Solutions will be reallocating resources to focus on Red improvement requests and other priority projects. After this date, it will no longer be possible to restore a Red website to its state prior to the migration, and any missing or lost content will be irretrievable. 

A separate email communication has been sent to Red administrators, users, authors and contributors notifying them of the identified bugs and site recall expiration date, and we encourage members of the UIC community to report any issues or problems.

Where can I report and/or find reported issues with Red sites?
The IT @ UIC service status page contains reported issues. Issues and problems can be reported online.

This migration not only transforms the future of Red sites, but also helps us establish a truly collaborative developer community where we can discuss ideas, develop solutions and innovate.


Jason Maslanka
Chief Technology Officer

Radhika Reddy
Director, Software Development & Delivery

Kimberly Charles
Director, Digital Experience

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