In the news: Andy Warhol’s place in art history

portrait of Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol may be the most important artist of the 20th century, says Blake Stimson, professor of art history. Photo: Jack Mitchell


“Andy Warhol in particular is such a foundational figure for any notion of contemporary art. For many art historians and critics and museum professionals, Warhol might be considered to be really the most important artist of the last half century.”

Blake Stimson, professor and director of undergraduate studies in art history, on the donation of $400 million worth of contemporary art to the Art Institute of Chicago, Dec. 9 “Chicago Tonight,” WTTW



“He’s always talking about threatening images and threatening forces operating behind the scenes or overseas or south of the border. By fostering a sense of perceived threat, people become fearful. They want someone who can alleviate that fear.”

Matt Motyl, assistant professor of psychology and political science, on the negative campaign approach of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, Dec. 9 Discovery News



“We need to determine what is and what is not an appropriate use of mobile and human tracking within wearable devices and fitness data.”

Andrew Boyd, assistant professor of biomedical and health information sciences, on all the ways modern electronic devices allow Santa to track us, Dec. 10

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