In the news: moving back to the South

Marcus Casey

Economist Marcus Casey talked with the Chicago Tribune about a new black migration back to the South.


“Many tend to be more highly educated, and job growth has been stronger in the South for some time.”

Marcus Casey, assistant professor of economics, on why wealthy blacks are leaving Chicago, Sept. 25 Chicago Tribune



“The question is, ‘Is vaping better than not using any products?’ And the answer is no.”

Jidong Huang, senior research scientist in the Institute for Health Research and Policy, on the health effects of e-cigarettes, Sept. 29 Huffington Post



“They can be clowns in your yard or nightmares in your attic.”

Joel Brown, professor of biological sciences, in a book and exhibit about urban wildlife produced by the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum, Sept. 30 Chicago Tribune


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