In the Washington Post: Diversity at our core

Obama Presidential Library rendering

A sketch of the proposed green corridor for UIC’s Obama Presidential Library bid.


“We don’t pay attention to diversity just because it’s convenient. It’s truly at our core.”

College of Education dean Alfred Tatum on why UIC is the best choice for the Obama Presidential Library,  Feb. 22 Washington Post



“When your larger message is you only need five weeks to become a teacher, it demeans, it reduces, it oversimplifies what it is that teachers ought to be doing and what they do.”

Eleni Katsarou, clinical professor and director of elementary education, on the decrease in recruits for Teach for America, Feb. 26 WTTW “Chicago Tonight



“Schadenfreude. The feeling of joy derived from the misfortunes of others, that makes you realize that your life is not so bad after all.”

Zizi Papacharissi, professor and head of communication, on why viewers continue to enjoy reality TV, Feb. 25 Pacific Standard magazine



“[Bringing] the results of psychological research to front-line workers is extremely important.”

Bette Bottoms, professor of psychology and dean of the Honors College, on a Minneapolis program that trains police, social workers and child-protection officers to interview children who have been sexually abused, March 1 Minneapolis Star Tribune



“I don’t know that he needs to get into a fight with the governor.”

Political science professor Dick Simpson on whether mayoral candidate Jesus Chuy Garcia should make an issue of current Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s connection to Gov. Bruce Rauner, Feb. 28 Chicago Sun-Times

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