Instructional Innovations

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Did you know that the UIC IT Leadership Council has a committee focused on educational technologies? This group has created an Instructional Technology Innovation subcommittee, which is looking for your innovative ideas!

Is there a teaching tool that you’ve always wanted to try, but never had access to? Is there a new teaching practice you’ve been wanting to implement in your class, but aren’t sure what technology might help? Submit an idea using the online submission tool!

The subcommittee reviews submissions each month to determine which ones will be promoted to campaigns. Campaigns are then used to investigate an idea and consider what software options are available, advantages and disadvantages, and how much it might cost UIC to implement. From there, the subcommittee might start a pilot program — recent pilot programs are reported on the Instructional Innovations page.

If you are interested in joining a pilot program, or have any questions about Instructional Innovations, contact the CATE Instructional Design Team at

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