Interfaith Week showcases diverse campus faith groups

UIC kicked off its Interfaith Week on Oct. 22-27.

Each day had a different central focus, ranging from Prayer Day (Oct. 23) to People’s Supper (Oct. 24). The Interfaith Fair on Oct. 24 showcased a variety of different faith groups on campus.

“This is such a special week because it gives us the opportunity to stand out and reach out to people on campus,” said Rodrigo Hernandez, a senior in English and member of the John Paul Newman II Center. “Even if we do not have the same religious beliefs, this is a time for us to learn from each other.”

The event brought together a diverse group of students, who all seemed eager to engage with one another. There was a DJ booth, and many students danced and socialized in the Quad.

“UIC has one of the most diverse campuses,” said Sufyaan Kalota, a sophomore in information and decision sciences and member of the Muslim Student Association. “Considering the mixture of faith in today’s society, we need to figure out how to coexist. Even if we get one person to know more about Islam, we have accomplished something.”

This event gave students the unique opportunity to learn more about religions they might not have been familiar with. All the faith groups were friendly and approachable, and they were united by their desire to educate and converse with people.

“This is a great opportunity to connect with other faith groups on campus,” said Akum Singh, a junior in biology and member of Sikh Student Association. “We are sharing ideas and connecting with each other.”


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