Invitation to participate in Social Justice and Community Disparities working group

Dear Colleagues,

The Social Justice and Community Disparities working group, initiated by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research in 2016, invites you to participate in our open membership research workshops related to the UIC “Research Strengths and Themes” focused on aligning and developing the areas or subareas of UIC faculty research with emerging funding opportunities.

As you know, support for sponsored research can ebb and flow depending on factors outside of our control – a private sponsor’s financial portfolio, the State’s budget, and the directions set by Federal administrations.  With that in mind, it is ever more critical to identify and capitalize on  our unique strengths and synergies to strategically plan for specific funding announcements, as well as influence additional areas of opportunity.

Anyone with an interest in this area is welcome to participate in this open membership group where we plan to bring together colleagues from different disciplines across campus who have not worked together in the past and build a team to encourage multidisciplinary collaborations.

If you are interested in participating, we ask you to fill out this form by September 30.

Please direct any questions to Sarah O’Brien or Maryfances Miley in Research Development Services.

I look forward to your excellent work and ideas in helping shape the future direction of research at UIC.


Mitra Dutta
Vice Chancellor for Research

For more information, please contact:
Sarah O’Brien

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