Java jobs

Coffee Mug“I think it demonstrates that there really is a lot of slack and space within the metropolitan Chicago market for providing different services. If you can come up with the right product and service, it can succeed.”

Robert Bruno, professor and director of labor education, on Cafe Chicago, a new fair-trade coffee co-op, July 2


“Yes, I think museums should be free, but in particular, museums that take federal funds or that benefit in some other way from public money. For example, in Chicago, we’ve got all these museums that are on park district land. … Those museums should be free and they should be serving a really broad constituency.”

Therese Quinn, director of museum and exhibition studies, on whether Chicago museums should offer free admission, July 2 Chicago Sun-TimesDaily Sizzle” blog


“Being in the hospital helps them recover from their illnesses. But nowadays, patients are not totally recovered and back to normal before they are discharged home. Not only do they now need to take care of themselves, but they’re also going oftentimes in uncertain circumstances where they don’t have all the help they need to get better.”

Jerry Krishnan, associate vice president of health affairs, on UI Health’s new patient navigator program, July 3 Chicago Tribune

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