New ad campaign tells public ‘how great this university is’

Fall 2015 Marketing Campaign

UIC students are featured in a new advertising campaign on CTA buses, trains and platforms and at O’Hare International Airport. The ads also appear on Facebook and the Pandora music streaming service. Photo: Aaron Brim


The faces of UIC are all over Chicago this fall, with a new advertising campaign featuring UIC students on CTA buses, trains and platforms, as well as O’Hare International Airport.

Ads also appear in the Chronicle of Higher Education, Facebook, Wikia and Sparknotes, as well as the Pandora music streaming service. Plans for future advertising next spring include two billboards and a spot on WBEZ-FM.

“The marketing campaign is one piece of a larger comprehensive integrated marketing and strategic communications plan which includes the new institutional identity/branding, the new website, a new trademark licensing program and increased emphasis on promoting faculty research and service,” said Michael Redding, vice chancellor for public and government affairs.

“The goal is to enhance the reputation and profile of UIC and help the public understand how great this university is.”


Advertising is “one piece of a larger comprehensive integrated marketing and strategic communications plan,” says vice chancellor Michael Redding.

“I think this campaign will go a long way toward highlighting the strength of our faculty, the quality of our students and the value of a UIC education,” said Phil Weiler, senior executive director of marketing and brand management.

The ads feature the updated UIC logo and branding created by graphic design students last year.

“It’s wonderful to see their concepts being put into practice,” Weiler said.

“Equally exciting is the fact that all the people featured in the ads are UIC students. We put out a call for volunteers over the summer and everyone from incoming freshmen to medical students responded.”

Cost of the total campaign so far is about $168,000, including CTA costs of $54,390 for 40 bus ads, 30 platform ads and 200 rail car cards, and $55,200 for one ad in each of three O’Hare terminals.

Some of the ads are targeted at specific audiences. Pandora, Wikia and Sparknotes ads, for example, are aimed at high school students, while Chronicle of Higher Education ads are intended for prospective faculty and staff.

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