Lack of feminism?

Barbara J. Risman

Barbara Risman, UIC professor of sociology, talks about millennials’ supposed lack of feminism in the Chicago Tribune.

“We’re taking it more seriously. It used it be, ‘Oh, you have dry eye. It might not be a big deal.’ But the consequences of dry eye, in terms of morbidity and in terms of lost productivity, are becoming more apparent.”


Mark Rosenblatt, professor and head of ophthalmology and visual sciences in the UIC College of Medicine, on how dry eye, traditionally associated with older adults, is affecting more young people. Feb. 11 Chicago Health



“It’s nothing like any anti-smoking ad that’s been out. This is the first time I think [anti-smoking campaigns] have gone after the health effects for animals. And people care so much about their animals.”


Sherry Emery, director of the Health Media Collaboratory in the UIC Institute for Health Research and Policy, a commercial from the Truth Initiative that suggested second hand smoke is harmful to pets. Feb. 17 Delaware Public Media



“Feminism has so changed the world that young women no longer feel constrained in their girlhood even during their transition to adulthood.”


Barbara Risman, UIC professor of sociology, on millennials’ supposed lack of feminism. Feb. 16 Chicago Tribune


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