Legacy of Jane Byrne

Dick Simpson

Dick Simpson, professor of political science, discusses the legacy of Mayor Jane Byrne in the Nov. 14 Chicago Tribune.


“She was very good at using the media to push her agenda, but she wasn’t good at building a political coalition.”


Dick Simpson, professor of political science, on the life and legacy of Mayor Jane Byrne, Nov. 14 Chicago Tribune



“If you’re close to a veteran, support your veteran. Build as close-knit a supportive network as you possibly can around the veteran. Hire more veterans. Support their employment, sustained employment.”


K. Luan Phan, professor of psychiatry, whose research concerns military veterans and post traumatic stress disorder, on practical ways to treat PTSD, Nov. 10 Fox 32 News



“It is the thing that haunts gospel music, this question of sexuality and masculinity.”


Johari Jabir, assistant professor of African American studies, in a Chicago Humanities Festival lecture on Rev. James Cleveland and the role of gospel music in the civil rights movement, Nov. 11 Windy City Times



“We realized that there was a real phenomenon here, and this realization came from the patients’ language of their own pain.”


Diana Wilkie, professor of biobehavioral health science, on studies of the pain suffered by patients with sickle cell disease, Nov. 13 Nature



“We are science researchers. We can talk about best practices in other places. We don’t have some set agenda about this.”


Dennis Rosenbaum, director of the Center for Research for Law and Criminal Justice, on the selection of a UIC-led team to monitor the progress of police reforms in Portland, Oregon, Nov. 7 Oregonian


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