Stacey Horn

Stacey Horn, professor of educational psychology, discusses the increase of LGBT characters on TV in Newsweek.


“The trend of having LGBT characters as recurring characters that are other things — doctors, lawyers, parents — is a good trend. It shows people as complex human beings.”

Stacey Horn, professor of educational psychology, on the increase of LGBT characters on TV, Oct. 11 Newsweek



“We have to seize this opportunity to show how a library can transform a neighborhood that is one of the most under-resourced in the city.”

Lisa Lee, director of the School of Art and Art History and member of the UIC Obama Presidential Library steering committee, on UIC’s proposal, Oct. 24 Chicago Tribune



“We need to look at how research in one area might benefit what is happening somewhere else. This consortium is like a big water cooler, where everyone can gather … so we can expedite research that shows promise.”

Mental health advocate Patrick Kennedy discusses the new UIC Center on Depression and Resilience, officially launched Oct. 21, Oct. 22 Chicago Tribune



“Truly, I can say that I’ll feel accomplished not if the NFL “likes me,” but rather, if there’s been some real change … I feel like I am accountable to the groups of black women who demanded there be a black woman on this policy group.”

Beth Richie, director of the UIC Institute for Research on Race and Public Policy, on her appointment to a National Football League advisory panel on domestic violence and sexual assault, Oct. 21



“These animals will be gone and we won’t even know they existed.”

Roy Plotnick, professor of earth and environmental sciences, on species that may vanish without leaving a fossil record, Oct. 21 Nature



“Teach people they can have an effect, can be responsible for their own safety when storms are in the area.”

Mary Ann Cooper, professor emerita in emergency medicine and a internationally known expert on lightning strike injury, on the dangers of lightning strikes in the developing world, Oct. 21 FusionLive TV


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