Limited Competitions

The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research, Research Development Services, announces the following limited competition opportunities. Advanced authorization is required from Research Development Services to apply for a limited competition.

Table of Contents

1. NSF – Innovations in Graduate Education (IGE) Program NSF 17-585


NSF – Innovations in Graduate Education (IGE Program) NSF 17-585: This program is designed to encourage the development and implementation of bold, new, and potentially transformative approaches to STEM graduate education training. The program seeks proposals that explore ways for graduate students in research-based master’s and doctoral degree programs to develop the skills, knowledge, and competencies needed to pursue a range of STEM careers. UIC is limited to two submissions. For more information see

Please Note:

• Preference may be given for resubmissions only if the sponsor provided extramural reviews AND those reviews suggest enthusiasm and/or encouraged resubmission. Reviews MUST be attached to the internal LOI form for consideration.

• If you cannot reach the desired page by clicking on the link provided, try copying the full URL into your browser’s address bar. There should be no spaces in the URL.

• Review guidelines and eligibility requirements before submitting an internal LOI.

• If you would like to apply for a limited competition not currently posted at our website at please contact Natalia Glubisz at


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