Live stream your class this fall

If you’re trying to navigate Flames Flex technology for teaching this fall, you’ll be glad to learn that CATE is sponsoring training on the new live streaming capabilities in many classrooms throughout the campus.

Join CATE instructional designers and Echo360 trainers to learn how to use the Echo360 platform on the following dates: 

August 6 – For Instructors: Echo360 basic functionality

  • Create recordings of your on-campus classes
  • Live stream to remote students
  • Maximize student engagement throughout your lecture

Join August 6, 9:30-11 am Webinar Here

 August 12 – For instructors: Echo360 advanced capabilities

  • Collect detailed student engagement information
  • Embed video recordings in your Blackboard course
  • Add closed captioning to your recordings

Join August 12, 11-12:30 pm Webinar Here

Why would I want to live stream or record my class?

Live streaming gives students the flexibility to remotely view the lecture live in addition to watching the recording anytime after a class session. To maximize student engagement, you can combine live streaming with the use of interactive presentations and the student Q&A feature. Students can now watch and participate in real-time, optimizing their active engagement in a live streamed lecture.

What advantages are there for students if I use live streaming with Echo360?

What advantages are there for instructors?

  • View course analytics on student engagement and classroom participation. 
  • View media analytics on time spent and specific videos watched.
  • View polling data on student poll responses to determine understanding and engagement.
  • Enable, view or edit the transcription provided by the Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) service which helps to reinforce the lecture information for students

Should I use Echo360 over Zoom/Collaborate?

While Zoom and Collaborate are primarily used for synchronous meetings or class sessions where students and instructors can interact with each other, Echo360 is often used as a one-way lecturing and active learning tool. Echo360 only records the instructor’s lecture and video (if selected). Echo360, however, has inbuilt active learning tools that engage students using multiple-choice questions, short answer, image quizzes, ordered lists, and numerical questions. If you are interested in walking into a physical classroom and not having to worry about hitting the record button, Echo360 might be the tool for you! The chart below may help you decide.

Are there Echo360 resources I can use to prepare for the fall semester?


Quick Guides

Classrooms Guided Tours

For questions or support, please contact the Center for the Advancement of Teaching Excellence (CATE) Support team at 

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