Meet Sparky: Official mascot of the UIC Flames

Born from the embers of the Great Chicago Fire, Sparky is no ordinary dragon. As UIC’s proudest ambassador, he uses his immense powers only for good and puts a smile on everyone’s face while competing for victories in and out of competition. A true Chicagoan at heart, Sparky is all about grit, hard work, and rising to meet the challenge even when the odds seem stacked against him. Although relatively young for a dragon, he is wise beyond his years, and focused on continual growth and success, just like his beloved UIC Flames.

Sparky is vibrant, loyal, confident and dependable. He is engaging, playful and bursting with energy. The spirited grin Sparky maintains represents friendliness, determination and a winning attitude. He welcomes all to UIC and helps create a fun and boisterous environment for the Flames.

To learn more about Sparky, or to view an appearance request form, please visit

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