Missing the UIC campus? Visit virtually through Minecraft

Students who miss UIC can virtually visit part of campus through Minecraft.

Kyle Chandetka
Kyle Chandetka

Kyle Chandetka, a third-year bioengineering student, has built the part of the east side of campus for students who love UIC and Minecraft.

“I’ve been working on the build since February of last year. At first, it was a small inside joke between friends that started from a passing comment of, ‘Wouldn’t it be crazy if we built the [Student Center East] Atrium in Minecraft?” Chandetka said.

Chandetka has shared a file of virtual UIC that users can download and add to Minecraft.

“The hiatus away from the campus left me homesick; UIC started to feel like home at this point and part of me wanted to capture that in a way that looking at Google Maps images wouldn’t be able to,” Chandetka said.

The extra time that Chandetka has had while sheltering in place has allowed the build to expand into much more than originally planned.

“I continued on, built SCE Tower, which led to building SCE itself, the quad, the library and it finally avalanched to the UIC East Campus project,” he said.

“I wanted to capture that piece of my time here at UIC.”

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