Mixed blessing







“No matter how successful you are as a woman in another realm — writing a best-seller, winning an Emmy in broadcast news, being the secretary of state — our society still defines being a good woman, as being a good nurturer. And when it comes down to nurturing and proving your ‘womanhood,’ having a baby is very powerful.”

Barbara Risman, professor and head of sociology, on comments by Carole Radziwill of “Real Housewives of New York City” that having her book published was like giving birth,  Oct. 12 Forbes

“The political stakes are so much higher with a mayor who must inevitably seek reelection.”

Steve Tozer, head of the Urban Education Leadership doctoral program in the College of Education, on Jean-Claude Brizard’s resignation as CEO of the Chicago Public Schools, Oct. 12 Christian Science Monitor

“It is a mixed blessing succeeding somebody who is inept. On one hand, the bar is low, and on the other hand, things are a mess.”

Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle on her predecessor, Todd Stroger, speaking at an Oct. 10 “Future of Chicago” lecture sponsored by the political science department, Oct. 11 Chicago Sun-Times

“It’s an incredible world right now. What they are doing is so cool.”

Stephen Campbell, professor and head of restorative dentistry, on a new technology that creates custom ceramic tooth crowns in less than an hour, Oct. 8 New York Times

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