‘More than just a degree’

Panel members included (from left) Geetha Govindarajan, Lisa Yun Lee, Kevin Lamarr James, Vidyani Suryadevara, Gamze Gursoy and Kenneth Brezinsky.

By Anna Terebus

The UIC Graduate Student Council hosted a summer career panel, “More than just a degree,” July 11, featuring a diverse speakers who are in different stages of their careers.

The faculty, alumni and community leaders on the panel shared their stories of success with UIC graduate students. The main idea of the panel was to discuss how taking on leadership roles and community engagement projects impact people’s careers. The panel agreed that being passionate about something and being able to express your ideas and perspective leads to taking on leadership roles. Other words of wisdom from the group: be happy with what you have achieved; embrace your failures; take the road less traveled; take advantage of all resources students have in school; challenge yourself by going out of the way, and learn how to be a good public speaker.

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