Stop being so amazing, Curtis Granderson

Curtis Granderson's official player photo for the Mets

My former fav, Curtis Granderson, has become Public Enemy No. 1.

Didn’t I tell you?! Didn’t I tell you that something magical was happening? We’re coming to the end of October and we’re still playing baseball in Chicago! Tell Reggie Jackson to move over, we have a new Mr. October, and his name is Jorge Soler. Jorge has been blasting the ball out of the “Soler” System against Saint Louis and Pittsburgh, Kyle Schwarber has been hitting his Schwarber bombs as usual, and Joe Maddon has proved that he is the Merlin the Magician of baseball. Everything has been going great until the first two games against the Mets.

Honestly, I was rooting for the Mets to beat the Dodgers (mostly out of fear of facing Kershaw and Greinke), but now I hate the “other” New York team more than Ron Santo. There is one person that has become Public Enemy No. 1 in my book for this series; you may have heard of him – Curtis Granderson.  Yes, the MVP of the Mets, more so than Daniel Murphy, who just happened to go to UIC and just donated $5 million toward building the new baseball stadium on campus, has grinded my gears in three days more than anyone could do in a 108 years. I have honestly rooted for Curtis Granderson, who shall be referred to as Public Enemy No. 1 from now on, for his whole career, from Detroit to New York to the other New York team. I love Public Enemy No. 1, but now he’s getting in the way.

The Cubs are on a magical run that can and will change history and lives not only in Chicago, but around the world. I know that statement is a hyperbole, but only by a little. Public Enemy No. 1 has been getting in the way of my history! He’s been snagging homerun balls, hitting doubles, being the perfect leader, and stealing bases – seriously, who steals third base in the playoffs because of a dare?

The Cubs and the Mets are both considered the Cinderella teams of the playoffs, but there can only be one Cinderella that dances with the prince. Someone needs to tell Public Enemy No. 1 and his team that the glass slipper does not fit them – stop trying to put it on! It’s our shoe! I mean come on, the Mets just won the World Series 29 years ago, we’ve been waiting in line for 108 years. Therefore, from now until Oct. 27, I will not cheer on Mr. Public Enemy No. 1, in fact, I will start singing “Go Cubs Go” every time he steps up to the plate. After October 27, WHEN the Cubs are playing in the World Series, I will consider being the world’s biggest fan of Public Enemy No. 1 again, but I do not know if our fan relationship will ever be the same again.

P.S.:  Mr. Public Enemy No. 1 – stop being so amazing! It’s totally fine to lose against the Cubs during this time.


Christian GrayChristian Gray is a senior majoring in marketing with a focus in promotion and communications and a minor in economics. He is president of the Student Activities Board. When he’s not planning events or doing schoolwork, you’ll catch him watching something sports related (#KOBE) or vibing out to music. His career goal growing up was to be Batman. He won’t tell you if he was successful on that mission, but let’s be real ­– have you ever seen him and Batman in the same place before?

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