New course designations

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UIC instructors are delivering courses in a variety of modalities, including on campus, online and hybrid.

In recognition of instructional innovation, and to clarify course format for students during registration, the current course modalities (which were created to describe emergency remote instructional formats during the pandemic) have been modified to better align with the various modes of delivery UIC instructors have since embraced to teach their courses.

Please check out the CATE website to learn more about each course modality and to select the appropriate format for your fall 2022 course(s).

These new course designations are effective for UIC courses beginning fall 2022. More information can also be found on the UIC registrar’s website Glossary of Terms.

  • On-campus (ONCAM): A fully on-campus course that meets in a classroom at specified times.
  • Online synchronous (SYNC): A fully online course with live sessions delivered via Zoom or Collaborate at specified times.
  • Online asynchronous (ASYNC): A fully online course with no mandatory live sessions.
  • Hybrid (HYBRD): A course that mixes in-person instruction taking place in a classroom on campus with online sessions or content that gets delivered synchronously or asynchronously.
  • Synchronous distributed (DISTR): A course in which in-person students simultaneously meet with synchronous online students via live streaming technology such as Echo360.
  • Off-campus experience (OFCXP): A course that takes place off-site, away from the UIC campus.

Critical information is communicated to students through your selection of the appropriate course modality and its subsequent publication in the UIC course catalog, including:

  1. Whether or not your course requires students to be physically present on campus at specific times.
  2. Whether or not your course requires students to attend online class sessions at specific times.

If you have any questions or would like support in thinking through the best course modality for your class, please consider scheduling a consultation with a CATE instructional designer.

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