New look for campus convenience store

Spencer Fang at the newly remodeled Morgan Street Station

Spencer Fang shops at the newly remodeled Morgan Street Station in the Behavioral Sciences Building. Photo: Timothy Nguyen/UIC News

Need a quick snack or maybe a cup of coffee?

The Morgan Street Station Convenience Store, on the first floor of Behavioral Sciences Building, reopened with a spacious upgrade and fresh look.

“I love the space — we’re very proud of it,” said Darcia Brundidge, manager of Morgan Street Station Convenience Store. “When I first started it was like Gotham City, it was so dark. It’s a really big improvement.”

“There’s more space; it’s much bigger than before,” said Joan Benitez, a third-year pre-nursing student. “It was hard to walk in the aisles before.”

When former neighbor Cafe Descartes decided not to renew its lease last year, Davis saw the opportunity to expand. Construction and weather delayed the opening for a week, but the remodeled store is now open.

They’re handing out free sushi, hot dogs and salad through Friday, and giving away raffle prizes of iPods and clothing.

“We were losing customers — the lines were so long, we had two registers going. The space was kind of small,” said Carol Davis, assistant director of retail operations and business development.

“So when the opportunity came up to expand, it was a perfect fit for us.”

The once cramped and crowded store now has plenty of space for more items. Plans to add more grab-and-go items and expand product options are also in the works.

“We’re trying to figure out a new niche for the students, something that Au Bon Pain does not have,” Davis said.

“I’m excited to be a part of it — as retail grows we get more modern.” 

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