New student Quadri Gray: ‘I want to be the pharmacist that will always have their backs’

Quadri Gray
Quadri Gray

Quadri Gray

Age: 24
Hometown: Hopkinsville, Kentucky
Major/Program: Pharmacy (PharmD)
Graduation Year: 2025

What is one thing you want people to know about you?
I am a very positive person!

What degree are you pursuing and what inspired you to choose this path? Is there a personal experience that comes to mind?
I am currently pursuing my Doctor of Pharmacy degree. I found that I wanted to pursue this field because I wanted to become an advocate for LGBTQ+ and POC within the medical field. I feel like having medical professionals who can understand the sensitive issues that face these two groups are needed to make sure that everyone has the best health outcomes. I did research in undergrad at the University of Kentucky, where I explored how we could combat disparities within LGBTQ+ persons when it comes to their health provider. Many of the respondents said that their biggest barrier to their health care was not having a personable provider who understood their needs. Medicine is rapidly modernizing and people who are going through gender affirmation care and who need counseling on sexual health need someone to be there for them when it comes to their medications. And I want to be the pharmacist that will always have their backs.

Why did you choose UIC?
Because UIC Pharmacy is one of the best pharmacy schools in the country! I chose UIC because of the amazing resources that the school can offer me to become the best pharmacist I can be for my patients.

Are there specific experiences and/or learning opportunities you are looking forward to having as a student?
Getting to explore the various fields that a pharmacist can go into.

Looking in the future, what do you want to see for yourself, your community, the world?
I love this question! For myself, I would like to see myself becoming a great professional pharmacist who can make impactful changes within my patients’ lives. For my community, I wish to see that LGBTQ+ persons’ needs are taken more seriously within health care because they are a vulnerable population that must be protected. Although I identify as a cis male, I want the needs of my trans brothers and sisters to be of paramount importance, especially those of color, as they are currently under attack. Trans rights are human rights. For the world, I hope that we can create a society that promotes equity of all our people.

What Chicago places/activities/neighborhoods are you looking forward to exploring?
I love Chicago! So, I live in Lincoln Square, and it’s a nice and cute neighborhood, but I would love to explore more neighborhoods on the South Side of Chicago!

How do you like your pizza: deep dish or thin? What toppings?
Thin pizza lover here! I do love a pepperoni pizza, but I am a firm believer that pineapple belongs on pizza.

What was your favorite subject in middle school?
History, I think it has translated into me being a big history buff today.

Who or what inspires you?
My family is honestly my biggest inspiration.

What is your favorite place on the UIC campus so far?
The front of the College of Pharmacy!

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