News is not good

“There will be stronger and more stable storms, which will stay along for a long time because the planetary temperature has risen and it’s going to continue to rise. There’s more energy in the system and we’re going to see more violent storms. The news is not good.”

Peter Doran, professor of earth and environmental sciences, on the prospect of more storms and flooding similar to a few weeks ago, April 27 Chicago Sun-Times


“Any time you can teach people that it’s OK to take a step back, rather than make a mistake that will cost you for the rest of your life … I guarantee you, 70 percent of the guys locked up in the penitentiary, if they could just take back that second when they made a bad decision, they would do it in a heartbeat.”

Tio Hardiman, director of CeaseFire Illinois, on the use of meditation in preventing violence, April 27 Chicago Tribune


“We’re working toward creating sustainable startups. As some of these projects work through the process and hit their milestones, they might be a licensing opportunity for a big company or they could be a startup opportunity.”

Nancy Sullivan, CEO of IllinoisVentures and director of the Office of Technology Management, on the new Chancellor’s Innovation Fund, April 26 Chicago Tribune


“Rosemont is hotels, restaurants and convention centers. It exists primarily to provide services to people coming into O’Hare airport.”

Rebecca Hendrick, associate professor of public administration, on a new outlet mall under construction in Rosemont, April 23 New York Times


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