Nursing dean selected to deliver ‘lecture of excellence’ on sleep medicine

Terri Weaver

UIC College of Nursing Dean Terri Weaver presented the prestigious Thomas Roth Lecture of Excellence at SLEEP 2019, the world’s largest meeting devoted entirely to clinical sleep medicine and sleep circadian research. Weaver is the first nurse ever selected to deliver the lecture.

Weaver, an internationally recognized expert on the effect of daytime sleepiness on daily behaviors, delivered the lecture June 10 at the annual meeting in San Antonio, Texas, hosted by the Associated Professional Sleep Societies. The meeting brings together leading sleep clinicians and scientists.

Weaver’s lecture, “Can CPAP Improve Quality of Life? The Challenge of Treatment Adherence” focused on the effectiveness of sleep therapy machines (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure). Her program of research centers of treatment adherence, analysis of treatment efficacy for obstructive sleep apnea, and mechanisms and outcomes of daytime sleepiness.

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